RIOS Open-source Hardware IP Licensing and Policy Workshop


Open source technologies and ecosystems have proved beneficial to information technology innovations and economy in the last two decades in particular with the rapid growth of the open source software (OSS). Open source hardware (OSH) instead is relatively new in the global open-source arena. It nevertheless is expected to provide invaluable tools and bases for the next era of exponential advancement in technology.

However, an open and free community of hardware development means much more than the processor design itself. It also takes a comprehensive defending system that secures IP rights in every stage of hardware development. As RISC-V, an open ISA, can play such an important role in OSH as Linux in the OSS ecosystem. Systematically building a defensive IP protection system of RISC-V is thus important to the general OSH ecosystem. 

RIOS Lab is an open source lab founded by Prof. David Patterson, the inventor of RISC. We are committed to contributing to the open RISC-V ecosystem. In the last two years, RIOS Lab has launched several legal research projects on OSH IP protection collaborating with top research institutes, law firms, and leading companies in the microprocessor industry. In these projects, we conduct microprocessor patent analysis, and study its potential impact or threats to RISC-V as well as OSH in general.

Feeling the need to further raise the awareness of the importance of open source hardware IP protection and licensing, RIOS Lab is organizing a workshop series that invites policymakers, open source community leaders, academic researchers, and legal professionals and experts around the world to discuss the legal issues the OSH community is facing. 


The first workshop will cover topics that address the policies of open source technology, open source patent and licensing strategies, legal matters on OSH intellectual property transfer, and new unified open source licenses covering software, hardware, and data. 

Event Time:

July 1, 2022 Beijing Time

Event Location:

Shenzhen, China + Online


Zhangxi Tan, RIOS Lab

Zhang Ping, Shenzhen Beipeng Frontier Sci-tech Law Institute

Lou Xianying, King Woods & Mallesons

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